kay (k) zhang


Kay is a sonic artist who explores around the topics of in-betweenness through sound, performance, curation and research. Their curatorial work lends itself with ‘learning by doing’ methods, experimentation which are intertwined with transdisciplinary art.

They work within various projects and coordinate different platforms and have an interest in intercultural identities, queer feminist theories and sound ecologies. Kay is dedicated to explore and engage with by using sound performance knowledges, curating experiences through works of sound art (field recordings), collective listening and care practices.

Kay is a founding member of Kollektiv international Totem (KIT), River Oracle, The Alchemists’ Bruit and ARKA.

Kay fosters collaborations from all disciplines, trying to create bridges (in)-between them.

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archipel festival 
19h - 23h, 31 March 2023
kollektiv international totem 

the alchemists’ bruit

20h, 11 April 2023
das institut
tribute films by Maya Deren 



12 & 13 May 2023
Blue Ocean Theatre and Gallery – Maritime Museum, Hong Kong 
kollektiv international totem 
hosted by project21st


journey to the electrical unconscious

22, 23 & 24 June 2023  
Walcheturm Zürich  (CH)

30 & 31 Oktober 2023
Camerata, Musiikitalo, Helsinki (FI)

Charles Quevillon, composition
Nuriia Khasenova-Kay Zhang-Léo Collin, Performance
Leandro Gianini, Sound Technic

past highlights

Residency in Budapest 2022
with Riikka Tauriainen, Landis & Gyr Stiftung 
AQB, Budapest

Ecotone Encounters

October 7 2022 -  December 4 2022
Friedrischafen Museum 

Bern Musik Festival 

September 11 2022
Kollektiv international Totem 


the alchemists’ bruit
CD release // wide ears record

detalk series II 

Brietingersalon, Zürich
Kollektiv international Totem 

June 1 2022 Lara Stanic 
August 22 2022 Vivian Wang
September 22 2022 Cinna 

River Oracle

collaboraton between Paloma Ayala, Anne-Laure Franchette and Riikka Tauriainen, with sound by Kay Zhang and Melo Chua.

May 8 2022 - June 26 2022
cynotypes, sound interactions with piezos, printed beanbags with headphones
Radius CCA Delft & Sedhalle Zürich.


May 4 5 6  2022
Theater am Gleis Winterthur  
Kollektiv international Totem

May 10 11 12 13  2022
Kunstraum Walcheturm Zürich
Kollektiv international Totem

Medusen/the hamster and the dame

April 10 2022
Volkbühne Berlin //
BAM festival
Kollektiv international Totem