kay (k) zhang


is a sonic artist who explores around the topics of in-betweenness through sound, performance, curation and research. k, through curatorial and ‘learning by doing’ methods which are entangled with transdisciplinary art.  
k works within various projects and coordinates different platforms and has an interest in intercultural identities, queer feminist theories and sound ecologies. k is dedicated to exploring and engaging the boundaries of sound performance knowledges, curating experiences through sound art (field recordings), collective listening and care practices.
k is a founding member of Kollektiv international Totem (KIT), andrej-zimmermann-zhang trio, The Alchemists’ Bruit and ARKA.
k fosters collaborations from all disciplines, trying to create bridges (in)-between them.

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Residency in Budapest
with Riikka Tauriainen


journey to the electrical unconscious

22, 23 & 24 June 2023  
Walcheturm Zürich  (CH)

30 & 31 Oktober 2023
Camerata, Musiikitalo, Helsinki (FI)

Charles Quevillon, composition and performance Nuriia Khasenova-Kay Zhang-Léo Collin, Performance
Leandro Gianini, Sound Technic

past highlights

Ecotone Encounters

October 7 2022 -  December 4 2022
Friedrischafen Museum 

Bern Musik Festival 

September 11 2022
Kollektiv international Totem 


the alchemists’ bruit
CD release // wide ears record

detalk series II 

Brietingersalon, Zürich
Kollektiv international Totem 

June 1 2022 Lara Stanic 
August 22 2022 Vivian Wang
September 22 2022 Cinna 

River Oracle

collaboraton between Paloma Ayala, Anne-Laure Franchette and Riikka Tauriainen, with sound by Kay Zhang and Melo Chua.

May 8 2022 - June 26 2022
cynotypes, sound interactions with piezos, printed beanbags with headphones
Radius CCA Delft & Sedhalle Zürich.


May 4 5 6  2022
Theater am Gleis Winterthur  
Kollektiv international Totem

May 10 11 12 13  2022
Kunstraum Walcheturm Zürich
Kollektiv international Totem

Medusen/the hamster and the dame

April 10 2022
Volkbühne Berlin //
BAM festival
Kollektiv international Totem